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Set up Linux VPS

The following table lists the specifications for a VPS to run a Energi Gen 3 Masternode:

CPU (Core)1 x 1 GHz2 x 2 GHz
RAM (Memory)2 GB4 GB
Storage150 GB200 GB
Operating SystemUbuntu 22.04 x64Ubuntu 22.04 x64

Use the Recommended configuration for best results

1.1. Select Location


1.2. Setup VPS at AWS

1.2.1. Services

Select Services

1.2.2. EC2

Compute EC2

1.2.3. Instances


1.2.4. Launch Instances

Launch Instances

1.2.5. Choose AMI

Choose AMI

1.2.6. Choose Instance Type

Choose Instance Type

1.2.7. Edit Security Group

Edit Security Group

1.2.8. Custom TCP for Core Node

Custom TCP

1.2.9. Launch VPS Instance

Launch VPS

1.2.10. Download Key Pair

Download Key Pair

Save Key Pair

Launch Instance

1.2.11. View Instance

View Instance

Name Instance

1.2.12. Select Public DNS

Public DNS

2. PuTTY Key Generator

PuTTY Key Generator

Load Key

Successful Import

Save Private Key

Without Passphrase

Location of Keyfile

Exit Key Gen

3. Setup PuTTY

Browse Key Pair

Select Key Pair

Key Pair

Save Session

PuTTY Security Alert

PuTTY Session

4. Login as root

sudo su -

5. Run Provisioning Script

Follow the instructions in Install Energi Core Node on Linux VPS to install and setup Energi Core Node on the VPS.