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Welcome to the Official Energi Documentation!

Take the time to read the following points below for your own safety.

  • The Official Energi releases are ONLY available for download on this wiki.

  • ALWAYS make backups of your wallet/important data (such as private keys). Doing it periodically is a good habit. We recommend having an offline backup.

  • Transactions CANNOT be reverted or cancelled. On a decentralized blockchain, there's no way to revert/stop transactions, please make sure to check as many times as possible that you're sending the funds to the correct address.

  • You as user are completely RESPONSIBLE over your own security, please take time to evaluate every step followed and make sure to be as safe as possible.

Energi Gen 3

Energi Core Gen 1 was based on Dash while Gen 2 was its Proof-of-Stake evolution. Gen 3 is the next generation of cryptocurrencies overall as it builds coin governance consensus into upgradeable smart contracts.

Energi Core Gen 3 is based on Ethereum platform, but has own network with deeply modified consensus model and a custom Proof-of-Stake model which is based on ideas of Gen 2. A special one-time operation is required to claim Gen 2 coins into Gen 3 blockchain. The coins are claimed from a special migration snapshot. Such snapshot for mainnet will be announced ahead of time. Gen 2 chain will not be able to proceed once the snapshot is taken to avoid any doubts.

  • MyEnergiWallet is the most easy-to-use Gen 3 wallet. It is based on the MyCrypto software.

  • Energi Core Node is the foundation for Gen 3 decentralized network operations. It also supports CLI wallet and is designed for advanced users.

  • Energi Nexus is designed to ease the process concerning Masternodes operations.

Getting Started with Migration

Migrating Gen 2 NRG coins to Gen 3 NRG coins is a one-time operation. You can claim your Gen 3 coins any time after the Gen 3 blockchain is active. There is no deadline of when you have to complete the migration. To start the process, follow the steps by clicking below 👇

Let's get started! By creating a MyEnergiWallet

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